The Team

Meet the Nighthaven team, feel free to message them in-game or reach out to them in our official forums.

The Spirit of Nighthaven

Here at Nighthaven we take great pride in choosing officers who will listen to the community, and work diligently to deliver what the community wants. Please never hesitate to ask an officer any question you might have concerning gameplay, the guild or your overall experience. No member of Nighthaven will ever be treated as a burden or made to feel unequal by any member of our staff.

This guild was founded by Alunaria as a place where people could come and have fun in a social environment. To meet like minded players is our ultimate goal, we do not enforce our beliefs on our members, and Alunaria and the Guardians of Nighthaven have put great care into making each and every guild member feel welcomed into our home and our hearts. Our commitment to our members starts directly during the interview process and carries out everyday by playing, talking and sharing with fellow members.

Code of Ethics

  • Always be kind to your fellow guild members
  • Maintain composure when others falter
  • Collect your thoughts and speak with dignity
  • Do not engage in flame wars or trolling via the forums or in-game chat
  • Assist others whom ask help of you (provided you can help)
  • Never ignore a guild member who has a legitimate question
  • You are an embodiment of these Nighthaven core values; act by example wherever you tread